Local Community Support

Travelers now have no excuse if they don’t get to meet the local people and experience the real Africa.

What to expect

While you traveling supporting local businesses and communities It allows you to truly experience a place and learn more about its culture, while giving back at the same time. It is more important than ever before for you to focus on local community who rely on their small Handicraft business to keep them up and running.

Explore cultural tour by viting local community

Cultural tours are a popular product launched in Tanzania that gives visitors an insight into the daily life and culture of the local people. The cultural tourism program was established in 1997, with supervision and training provided by the Tanzania Tourist Board and the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV). ‘The aim of the project is two-fold,’ says Miet van Spittael, the Dutch coordinator based in Arusha. ‘It is a five-year plan that is already benefitting the local people by helping them earn extra income and assisting them to improve their lives.

Thus by visiting the cultural sites the guests would be giving support to community health, water supply, primary education, and many other social and economic projects carried out at the village level as well as reforestation and protection of the environment.

Most visitors to Tanzania, especially first-timers, find the country and its people enchantingly different and a special experience. We at Buteo Tours appreciate this fact and endeavor to include visits to the local communities to give our guests the opportunity to see firsthand the way of life in a typical African village.

Some of the popular cultural centers which may be tailored into visitor itineraries include:
  • Maasai Boma and villages in Ngorongoro Conservation Area but also you can visit Masai nearby other parks.
  • Mto wa Mbu, a multicultural village-cum-town near Lake Manyara National Park
  • Lake Eyasi: land of the Hadzabe and Datoga