Safari Vehicle

At Mukuta Travel & Tours, we have customized ou Landcruisers to cater specifically to the African bush and rough terrains. Our vehicles provide maximum comfort for our guests while ensuring the best safari experience.

The Landcruisers are equipped with large sliding windows and pop-up roofs, allowing for excellent views and safe photography during game drives. Each vehicle has six individual and comfortable seats, guaranteeing a window seat for every guest. There is also an additional seat next to the guide. Our safari vehicles are fitted with a fridge powered by the car battery to keep drinks cold and refreshing.

We understand the importance of capturing special moments on safari, which is why our vehicles have 220 Volt electric sockets for battery chargers. This ensures that you won’t miss any opportunities for photography.

Our Landcruisers are built with powerful engines that can handle various types of terrain, including off-road tracks. Regular motor services are conducted to maintain reliability and prioritize your safety.

To optimize maintenance and ensure safe driving, our guides only drive their assigned safari vehicles. This allows them to be familiar with the specific Landcruiser and provide secure transportation.

Please note that there is limited space in the luggage compartment, and we kindly request guests to limit their luggage to 15 kg. Any unnecessary luggage can be stored in our office in Iringa. However, in unforeseen circumstances or during peak high season, we reserve the right to use rental vehicles that may have similar equipment but are not identical to our specialized vehicles.